Affordable space available in community+living+arts+space before or by February 1, 2018

Tritriangle ( is seeking a new person to join us as a ROOMMATE or STUDIOMATE at our live/work/art space in Wicker Park. 

If you would like to be our ROOMMATE, note the following: We are interested in creating an intentional communal living environment. We are looking for someone (or perhaps a couple) with interest in communal cooking and meals, proactive space maintenance, creative non-conventional lifestyles, and forming an intentional family environment. Tritriangle is an arts space, and it is important to us that this also is something you want to be a part of.

Ideally, you are an artist, writer, or curator and are interested in the performative media mission of Tritriangle, to give space and time to media arts that focus on the total experience as product. We welcome someone who is interested and engaged in becoming an active participant in continuing this sustainable shared arts space. This includes showing interest in Tritriangle events by attending and actively helping out before, during, and after events (possibly by taking donations, cleaning before and after, preparatorship, helping artists with space-related questions and needs regarding tools and equipment, running sound, setting lights, documenting, etc.) with involvement in programming to expand as time and relationship builds.

If you would like to be our STUDIOMATE, we hope you will engage with us, but we understand that you will primarily be focusing on making art. Ideally your practice will be in some level of concert with Tritriangle’s mission, but this is less of a concern than sharing our expectations for social behavior and space maintenance.

Current occupants:

•Ryan Dunn is the Tritriangle director and an artist and noise musician. 
•Heather McShane is a writer, artist, and educator. 
•Theo Germaine is a non-binary trans space alien who is an actor, performance artist, and explorer.  
•Ryan and Heather have a small female euphemism together who is almost three years old, and they are doing their best to keep her out of the datamines (email, social media, photos, etc), so please be considerate if you have questions.
•George and Milo are cats. 

Even if you’ve been to events here or we already know you, we would like to arrange a time to meet to show the space and get to know each other (better). Tritriangle is a unique space and seeks a unique new community member!

If interested, please email

Contact Email: 
Space Detail
Total Square Footage: 
Heating/Air Cond
Space Detail Other: 

The space is large and lofty, about 3800sqft, ~half of which is communal. It is expected that you will take an active role in maintaining and, as needed, improving the communal areas.

The space to be rented (blue on map) to one or more people, no matter their persuasion:

•(260sqft) Sunlight-filled room next to the blue line Damen stop.

• Slightly smaller divided room with built-in shelving (150front/100backsqft) that has typically been used as an office/studio/practice room. 

Pricing Info
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Per month
Other Price Information: 
Rent varies based on number of people and if they are renting the space to live or work because we figure cost of the common area differently. Rent for one roommate/studiomate is 550 and for two roommates 710 (studiomates slightly less).