Ceramics Instructor

Ceramic studio seeking a highly qulified ceramics instructor to join our team. 

Skills & Qualifications: 

- Strong wheel throwing skills

- Hand-building skills

- 2yrs relevant teaching experience

- Ability to easily diferentiate your teaching to accommodate multiple skill levels

- Outgoing and compassionate personality

- Flexible hours (Job will include working some weekend evenings)

- Ability and understanding to load kilns, mix glazes and general ceramic studio upkeep

- An affinity towards a clean and orgainzed studio space

To Apply: 

To apply, please send the following to info@penguinfoot.com:

- Subjuct line must read "Ceramic Instructor Position"

- Include resume and/or CV

- Include 3-5 images of recent ceramic work or website link

- A brief description of why you are interested in this position accompanied with a hiliarious joke and/or pun.  

Contact Information
Contact Name: 
Chris Busse
Contact Email: