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Who We Are 
IPaintMyMind (IPMM) is a nonprofit arts organization whose mission is to make art accessible to all communities. An online arts publication, and an organization offering programs & services we’re all of those things. 

We work to provide the virtual and physical spaces that enable public art awareness. We specialize in affordable & emerging visual art, with a focus on illustration, collage, mixed media, & photography screen prints & giclees. We take pride in supporting artists, communities, and businesses in their efforts to make art a viable avenue for engagement & collaboration. 

Shared Walls™ is our hallmark arts program in which we transform spaces both for businesses and the public through temporary art exhibitions that focus on emerging & affordable artwork. Revenue from private exhibitions fund FREE exhibitions at parks, libraries, schools, and community centers; spaces that have the need for art but don’t have the budget. 

Who We Need 
We need smart, positive, inquisitive, focused, personable, fun, badass, self-starters. No twiddling of thumbs is allowed. We want people who create solutions and thinks on their feet, not someone who drags them. 
We need young people who are willing to take the ball and run with it. We need someone who can think, host, help, & most importantly learn. 

We need people who want to learn new skills across a wide range of areas - curation, editorial, email marketing, art framing, outreach, program development, artist relations, and more. 
Perhaps most importantly, we need adults who relate openly, honestly, and proactively. 
Communication, positivity, and initiative is everything. 

What Needs To Be Done 
A lot! The great thing about this internship is that you’ll both get the chance do various things, but you’ll also have the chance to captain projects - whether outreach, research, writing, graphic design, framing art, hanging art shows, creating fundraising campaigns, setting up and helping host events, etc. 
You’ll also help research potential partners & optimize systems so that IPMM can increase it's mission capabilities through our art services like Shared Walls. 

What Interns Get 
Experience helping contribute to the sustained growth of a forward-thinking nonprofit arts organization, interns will collaborate with a tight-knit group of individuals who are passionate about art and music, while working towards true art sustainability by connecting fans with artists.

Skills & Qualifications: 

Shared Walls (Art Programs) 
Help staff install Shared Walls exhibitions, as needed 
Help conduct outreach to partners - researching businesses we can work with 
Organize and Catalogue Art, Document the IPaintMyMind Collection 
Community Outreach 
Write content for IPMM Arts Blog and Newsletter

Expectation: 15-20 hrs weekly** - This is an unpaid position. 

Candidates with… 
- a passion for art & service 
- writing and graphic design skills 
- a learning mindset 
- initiative, creativity, and positivity 
- an insistence on working hard AND having fun 


To Apply: 

Please submit a RESUME to

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