Starved Rock art installation for yoga ladies day-treat

We are seeking passionate artists who identify as women in a way that’s
significant to them to put up an art installation inspired by the divine feminine.

Artists can use any mediums that speak to their heart (i.e. large paint murals, sculptures, etc.) We are super open to your ideas and creative visions.

If you identify as a man in a way that's significant to you and you wish to put up an
art installation inspired by the divine feminine please feel free to submit your idea.

Art Installation Submissions are open now - June 1st!

We anticipate a large number of submissions and we have a limited number of Art Installations we are able to accept. We are currently envisioning 7 Art Installations.

We love you all the same and truly appreciate your submission/s.

If you have questions reach out to Cassandra at

We look forward to hearing from you & seeing you at this year's Ladies Daytreat!


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Friday, June 1, 2018
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Natalie Shugailo
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United States